Online Today helps people with sight loss to get online.

A free online basic skills session is being held at Reiver House, Morpeth on Wednesday 21 June 2017, 11am – 4pm to help blind and partially sighted people get online and take their first steps in using technology. NCBA are supporting the RNIB Online Today program to reach people with sight loss who would like support to get online using the mobile technology of today. Tablets and smartphones are transforming our everyday lives – and sight loss doesn’t have to stop you getting the best out of them.

Online Today can help in many ways, offering support across the UK. From home visits by our volunteers to locally run group sessions, training and one-to-one support. So whatever your technology experience or level of vision, you’ll soon be doing things like browsing websites and sending emails with confidence.

"I feel more involved with the mainstream now; the technology I use is the same as everyone else which is brilliant.”

There will be 2 sessions per day, a group presentation in the morning with a light “hands-on-demonstration” and either one to one or small group sessions in the afternoon where you can gain more information or practice using the technology in more detail. Contact us to book your place